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Because we see it day-in and day-out, we tend to overlook it. Apart antibiotics and vaccines, anti-hypertensives are the single most important therapy contributing to rising life expectancies. As such, if there is one disease to know, and know well, it’s hypertension. But evaluation and management are more nuanced than simply checking an office reading and prescribing the same handful of agents. It’s about understanding pulse pressures, integrating home blood pressure monitoring, and tailoring agent selection and blood pressure targets to individual patients rather than uniformly adhering to national guidelines.

I’ve created this free monthly e-newsletter as a non-commercial, spam-free medium to convey key aspects of the disease to other physicians. Each issue is concise, summarizingone seminal paper and underscoring one key concept. Every newsletter ends with a “clinical perspective” that will change the management of the next patient you see.

Hillel Sternlicht, MD, FASN
ASH-designated Hypertension Specialist

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